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Ceramic sound installation presented at Milano Design Week 2018

The project is the result of a workshop at NID - Nuovo Istituto di Design

(Perugia), directed by Maddalena Vantaggi, Luca Binaglia

and Agnese Pierotti. 

Clay Station is a hybrid between historical design and modern technology,

set up as an interactive installation: the traditional forms of vases and bells are rediscovered as well, without decoration and equipped with different sound souls.

The white terracotta elements, are destructured bells, designed to promote

a clear and clean sound of the raw material.

The sound is activated by a joypad.

Elements are like the members of a jazz orchestra, bringing to mind Umbria Jazz,

the Umbrian festival known all over the world.


Terracotta shapes were made by Ceramiche MOD of Deruta. The mechanical part was designed by Ing. Giorgio Grimaldi. Clay Station was conceived and realized in collaboration with Michele Fondacci, Umbrian composer and sound designer. 

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Schermata 2019-02-13 alle 12.22.48.png
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