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I started to create experimental video in 2006, when I got fascinated by the idea of combining music and moving images. My first video 3mendamente was selected by Stefania Miscetti for She Devil exhibition in Rome and by Achille Bonito Oliva for his Ravello Festival.

In 2007 I won a scholarship at Biennale Audiovisual Archives during Venice Biennale.

In 2008 I was selected by Manuela Pacella in Germinazioni as one of the best videoartist in Umbria. I attended a course of Cinema and Television held by Massimo Magri, the course of Film and Visual Arts held by the critic and film historian Antonio Costa and a course of Visual Arts by Joseph Kosuth.

Since 2012 I curated aèdi studio video area, collaborating with Michele Manuali and creating videoclip, documentary and commercials.

Bring your beauty to life - spray tanning

Client: Modobianco

Bring your beauty to life: make up

Client: Modobianco

Bring your beauty to life: nail reconstruction

Client: Modobianco

Dance tells design - spot #3: hip hop

Client: Progetto Casa

Dance tells design - spot #2: classical.

Client: Progetto Casa

Media campaign against scams to seniors

Client: Gubbio Administration

Kid's glasses

Client: Visionottica

DOC festival teaser

Client: DOC

Campaign on separate collection of waste

Client: Gubbio Administration

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